• Latest Import: about 6 hours ago
  • Number of analyzed Tournaments: 3384
  • Number of analyzed Squadrons: 55353
  • Number of analyzed Games: 41119

What is this?

What this tool is trying to do is a bit of meta analysis. It uses the data from the X-Wing ListFortress and slices and dices it in a variety of ways.

On the surface, you can use it to answer simple questions like this, with a bit of drilldown:

On top of that, you can filter quite a bit of stuff, for both historical analysis of results and current detail information:

  • Start and end date for the tournaments to be analyzed, with a variety of presets (wave release dates etc.)
  • Whether tournaments with many participants should weigh their results higher or not
  • Whether having many players with a list should weigh the results higher or not
  • Whether rankings from before the cut, after the cut, or both should be used (if both, results that have only a Swiss ranking will suffer because their ranking after the cut is "none")
  • There's a filter for tournament types (Regionals, Store Champs, etc.)
  • And new to 2.0 is a filter based on tournament format (Extended, Hyperspace, etc)

Together, these filters can be used to answer questions like...

You'll find technical details of both implementation and algorithms on the About page.

Have fun, and Fly Casual.